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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Cold and Frosty Morning and Kimchi Update

I LOVE walking on a cold winters morning. I leave when it is dark, layered up against the cold, and I totally enjoy the hour and half I spend outdoors as I begin my day. The sky is dark, the constellations stand out well, the moon is bright, if there is snow on the ground it crunches pleasingly as I march along. I listen to BBC Radio 4, or 4Extra, as I walk, enjoying a story or play. It is the best time, I think I am a bit of a loner at heart, and I really enjoy being alone with my thoughts and being outside.
As I mentioned it is dark when I start out, but by the end of my walk the sun is rising, and the last part of my walk is due east, so I really get the full impact of a winter morning sunrise, and they are spectacularly beautiful. Here are some pictures to enjoy from this mornings walk, it was 12 degrees, so quite cold, but no wind, and believe me that makes all the difference.

Kimchi update - FAILURE :) Oh my, I followed for the most part a recipe from Epicurious.  I read the recipe review comments after making my kimchi, many noted that the recipe was way too salty. I thought mine would be okay because I omitted the soy sauce and fish sauce, both very salty. Sadly I was quite mistaken, to say my kimchi was salty is truly a gross understatement of the facts, it was so salty it was inedible. And, then the half cup of red pepper, I did a little less, made the mixture so spicy hot it literally burned my mouth. I let the kimchi sit another day and tried it again, it was still vile beyond belief so I had to throw it all away. I feel sad, quite sad, to have wasted two entire Napa cabbages, as they are so delightfully tasty. I did however very much enjoy the small jar of store bought kimchi, but will not make this a regular purchase as it is very expensive. I think if I want to eat fermented food I will stick with my old, inexpensive standby, sauerkraut!

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BLD in MT said...

Fermented foods have a serious learning curve, don't they.... and the food waste bums me out too, when they fail. I am currently trying to nurse my kefir grains back to health after ignoring them just a bit too long, I guess.

Your solo walks sound like a spectacular way to open the day.