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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Red Light, Green Light, Who Cares?

Driving to work today I found myself approaching a green light and noticed that I said out loud, "Pleeeaaase, Pleeeaaase stay greeeeeeeeen", then I wondered why am I always worried about traffic lights and wanting them to always be green? Why so stressed? I wasn't late, I wasn't in a hurry, it wasn't an emergency, good grief what a little thing to get all hyped about.

People pray to God, "Oh Please Lord let the light stay green?", I am guilty of this, I hope God just chuckled at my plea and got on with real prayer requests.

Why are we so obsessed with Green Lights? A few minutes waiting here, a few minutes waiting there, it really is nothing in the big scheme of things. But we are oh so very impatient.

I thought to myself as I drove through the light, that did remain green :), that never again would I give a darn about the traffic light color. If I can go I will go, if I have to stop I will stop and not grumble, because it seems a really stupid thing to get all riled up about.

So patience my friends, patience, enjoy each moment of each day because we only have so many moments to enjoy.



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