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Friday, June 5, 2015

Lindenwood Park, A Wonderful Place To Hike With Small Children and Strollers!!!

Summer vacation and time to keep older grandchildren occupied. Today we went on a hike. When I got up this morning I looked online to find stroller friendly hiking trails in Fort Wayne, don't you just love the internet? A suggested park was Lindenwood, a heavily wooded area near downtown Fort Wayne with a number of trails, the longest about a one mile loop, perfect for little legs. I used to take my children to Lindenwood to walk the trails and was disappointed in myself for forgetting about this wonderful park. Oh, and admission is free.

Today was perfect for a little hike, we walked the Reflection Trail, extremely stroller friendly with a wide path and many lengths of broad walk, ending at a pond with a nice deck area to relax and enjoy the pond from. We took a simple picnic of string cheese, bananas, granola bars and the most wonderful, gigantic, organic strawberries, and of course water. We saw a lot of very fuzzy caterpillars, many birds, and some very energetic squirrels, and we saw deer footprints in the mud. I hope that the joys of nature and the enjoyment of walking trails is something that stays with my grandsons for their entire life.

At the campfire ring getting ready to walk the Reflection Trail

And we are off on our hike!

Charles loves strawberries.

Henry enjoying a granola bar.

Pat enjoying a granola bar.

Sweet Pete enjoying life.

Lying down with eyes closed listening to the wind and birds.

Pete enjoying a granola bar.

The hikers are into the spirit of the day.

We wore little Charles out.

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