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Friday, March 6, 2015

Knitting and Bread Making - What else is a girl to do on cold winter days?

Well as the title to this post suggests, I have been busy knitting and making bread. We had such a cold February, and March began with five inches of snow and very cold temperatures, but today is the last day of super cold and boy am I glad to know things are warming up. Even with the cold, cold weather it is nice to see the day light hours lengthening, and my thoughts turn to the garden, what we will plant, where we will plant, I can't wait to get outside to play in the mud.

Anyway, back to knitting, I have been on a roll lately. First I made myself a new cardigan knitted in a bright and cheerful variegated yarn, I love the way the colors knitted into stripes and I very pleased with the end result. This must be my winter of variegated yarn, I knitted Alivia a very colorful sweater in a primary color variegated yarn and will be making Charlie a matching sweater next. Next week I will see my mom and will borrow from her a pattern for a zippered, hoodie sweater, I plan to knit one for myself in the same variegated yarn I am using for Alivia and Charlie's sweaters. Henry asked for a sweater too, I may end up making all grand babies the colorful variegated sweater, boy will we look a riot of color if we all go out and about together. 

I really love browsing the knitting books at our library and found a gem of a pattern book recently, Baby Knits Made Easy, I am LOVING this book and will order a copy for my very own. I knitted baby Aubrey a ballet wrap cardigan and am working on a matching one for Alivia. I then made a long, striped cap for Emily's new baby, grandbaby #7,  who is due on August 8, (Dave's birthday, which he already shares with our son Ben, and our grandson Peter!!).  

It was nice to bake bread on Wednesday, I decided to do a double batch and ended up with 9 loaves, the grand babies devoured the first loaf and the rest went to the freezer. Kneading bread is very relaxing, the aroma of baking bread is awesome, the taste of fresh baked, warm from the oven bread is amazing. And along with all of the delights of the bread making, baking, tasting is the cozy warm kitchen. 


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Very, very pretty knitting! I want to make a loaf of cinnamon roll bread.

Lynda said...

Hi Bean - you certainly are on a roll with the knitting :))

I'm just starting to get the urge as the days cool down here.

And we have our charity knitting group starting up again this month and I want to do a sample beanie to show the ladies.

I have been buying sourdough bread from the farmers market. I don't eat much bread, but I do like sourdough. I should make some of my Irish soda bread...but then I would have to eat it :))

Hope your weather warms up soon. Natasha is loving the snowstorms and cold weather in Dallas!!!

Getting back into my letter writing, so will get a letter to you soon :) xx

Rebecca said...

What beautiful work, my friend!
I've been in a bit of a creative slump. So enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temps yesterday! I look forward to straightening the flower beds & being outdoors more...