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Friday, February 7, 2014

Knitting, Crocheting and Winter

Well we have had a very snowy winter, at least thirty-eight inches of snow for the season, and a very cold winter, we are sub-zero again and it is February!  Roll on springtime.  But the sun is shining, the snow is beautiful and the robins have returned, boy I bet they wish they had waited a little longer. The sparrows mob the suet feeders all day long, poor little things having to survive in these brutal temperatures.

I have read several books, I am on my second Alexander McCall Smith book, I read Espresso Takes from the 44 Scotland series and am now reading The Full Cupboard of Life from his #1 Ladies Detective Agency series. They are good reads, funny, AMS is good at picking up and presenting the quirkiness in people without going overboard. I read Jurassic Park, I had never read the book, it was a fast read, lots of action, but I kept feeling that the characters as supposed top experts in their scientific fields took lots of unnecessary risks and seemed to do rather foolish things, but if they didn't it would have been hard to have all the action and danger.  Another book I enjoyed immensely was The Witch Doctor's Wife by Tamar Myers, an excellent story, well written, good plot, enjoyable characters.  I am now reading Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys, a recommendation from another blogger, here , so far so good, the opening sentence pulls you right into the story and off you go, I like books that do that.

I have watched many episodes of The Walton's on DVD while knitting and crocheting and have watched several movies, I really enjoyed re-watching Signs last week. Here are some pictures of my recent crochet and knitting projects, and some pictures of winter in NE Indiana.
A knitted cell phone stand.
A good knitting book.
Crochet throw using up leftover yarn.
Spider Man throw for the grandchildren.

My neighbor Nancy wearing the scarf I made for her for Christmas.

Knitted bag I am working on.
Picture of knitted bag in knitting book.

A cold morning drive.

Four way stop in Leo.
A snowy field.
The gas station in Grabill buried in snow.
Main Street of Leo.
The grocery store in Grabill is just behind the giant snow pile.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

It has been a snowy, cold winter! all the more reason to crochet and sew and cross stitch away!

Rebecca said...

We sure HAVE had/are having the snow, aren't we? I'm afraid I've not been quite as creative as you. Your handiwork is both attractive AND useful.

I've read a bit. The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. It was a painful read about the Holocaust. I then got another book by her, but decided not to read it. I'm just not into "heavy" books right now. I'm waiting on one I "ordered" to show up at Grabill library. Can't even remember which one it is. Meanwhile might see if there are any A. McCall books I've not read. I like them, too--for the reason you said :)

Hope you and your precious family are in good health and states of mind....

Bean said...

Hi Rebecca,

Try the Witch Doctor's Wife, it is a fun, good read, I trust that you will enjoy it.

I enjoy the McCall books, poor little Bertie :)