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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Snow Storm

Indiana this afternoon, me enjoying the snow!

Florida this afternoon, my mum enjoying her afternoon merlot.

OH MY!!!!!  It has simply snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed all day! I cannot recall ever seeing this much snow in one day. Our county is now under a snow emergency, most businesses have closed for tomorrow since no one is allowed to travel.

But what a fun day we have had. Daughter Amber and the little boys have stayed with us as Brad is working nights out of town. Today we did crafts, watched the snow fall, baked cookies, watched the snow fall, shoveled snow, watched the snow fall, daughter Emily and her boyfriend Skylar built a snowman, watched the snow fall, we had a nice dinner, still watched the snow fall, played board games, Uno, Chess, and Scrabble, continued to watch the snow fall, and we have watched a lot of movies, and the snow still is falling.

Tonight it is going to get very cold, 3 degrees, with wind chills in the minus thirty to forty range, BRRRRRR. Monday and Tuesday are going to be sub-zero.  We are prepared just in case the power should go out, the snow that fell this morning was heavy and wet and the trees and power lines are weighted down with it, although they do look beautiful, now with the plummeting temperatures and twenty to thirty mile an hour winds I am worried that we may see some tree limbs and power lines down, but lets hope not.  I don't want to think about dealing with highs of minus 5 and no electricity!


Anonymous said...

You put me to shame! :)
Here in Cornwall, England, just a couple of inches of snow causes massive disruption. Just as well it's not cold enough for snow here because what with all the rain/flooding we're having, we'd be in big trouble.

Bean said...

We are now under a snow emergency, no travel unless you are an emergency responder. Most businesses are closed today, we are now at minus thirteen fahrenheit, in celsius that is -25. Winds are very gusty making the wind chill extremely dangerous.