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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Almost Ready for Christmas and Some Exciting News

A family fun day decorating cookies, watching the Colts beat Kansas City (GO COLTS) and best of all spending time with my fabulous family - we had a great time.

Oh and our exciting news - Grandchild number 5 is on it's way, congratulations to our daughter Amber and her husband Brad as they prepare to welcome their fourth little bundle of joy in late August. Will this new baby continue the tradition and be a fourth boy for Amber and Brad, or will little Alivia finally have a girl cousin?? Stay tuned.


Rebecca said...

Congratulations! Wouldn't a girl be a wonderful addition ?!?

Bean said...

A girl would be lovely, but I just can't imagine them having a girl after three boys! They have picked Nora Mae for the name if the baby is a girl which I think is totally adorable.
But if another boy is on the horizon he will be called Walter Thomas and I will call him Lil' Walt :)
In all good time we will know if we are welcoming Nora or Walter.