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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Doctor Who Scarf

A fun project to work on is a Doctor Who scarf, my Mom gave me the pattern, she found it over at Doctor Who scarf . I used Bernat yarn, the colors and price were just right. I enjoyed the Doctor Who TV show growing up, my sister and I watched it every Saturday afternoon. I really liked episodes with the Daleks, Doctor Who's arch enemies. I watched Doctor Who in the seventies, John Pertwee played the doctor and after him Tom Baker. I met Tom Baker once on a school field trip to the Corn Exchange in Bury St. Edmunds and have his autograph. Many of the Doctor Who episodes are now on Netflix.
One fond memory I have of Doctor Who is from January 29th, 1972, the day my youngest sister was born. My mom was in heavy labor and the midwife arrived at our house. My dad, sister and I, we were eight and six, hung out in the living room. I think my dad was getting pretty stressed out so the midwife called her son to tell him she was sending us his way. My dad drove us to the midwife's house, he sat in the kitchen drinking cup after cup of tea with the midwife's son, and my sister and I sat in the living room and watched Doctor Who. Finally the phone rang, it was the midwife calling to say my sister was born so we hurriedly headed home on a chilly January evening. We arrived at the house and my dad took us into the bedroom where my mom was sitting up in bed with our brand new baby sister!

Pictures of the scarf in the making:
A good start.

About a third of the way done.
Finished scarf, about twelve feet long.

Who is hiding behind that enormous scarf??


Pete said...

Very nice Bean.

kat said...

Wonderful - wriggly toes and a Dr Who scarf. What more could one want!