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Friday, July 19, 2013

Garden Bounty

Wow we are getting so much out of garden this year, it is CRAZY! I picked two rows of green beans on Wednesday and ended up canning  46 pints. I still have two rows yet to pick and feel confident that we will have a years supply of green beans, this is good.  The onions are doing well, the kale is going crazy, I made chicken kale soup today, it is very nice and a good way to use up quite a lot of kale :) I planted swiss chard for the first time ever this year, I had never eaten it before, what a delightful green it is.  We have enjoyed chard in a cheese sauce, this has become a family favorite, but it is also very nice sauteed in a little olive oil along with garlic and onion, tonight I am going to make a chard salad.  Another new to me vegetable I have grown this year is kohlrabi, it looks a little like a pale green sputnik, and although very alien looking it is an extremely pleasant vegetable to snack on, I have enjoyed it raw, and sauteed.
Today I picked a lot of broccoli, I will try to eat most of it while it is fresh as I am not a huge fan of frozen broccoli.  I also picked a lot of cucumbers today and I plan to make pickle relish this evening. Our corn has tasselled and is about six and a half feet tall now.  I have beets that I need to check on and the tomatoes are coming along nicely,  We have peppers galore coming along, and cantaloupe, watermelon, pumpkins and cabbage. When all is said and done we will have a good supply of food put away to take us through to next summer, not to mention all of the fresh vegetables we are enjoying almost daily.


Anonymous said...

I love the little one peeking over the table in the first picture. Looks like a great harvest.

Bean said...

Thanks for stopping by, the little one is my grandson Charlie, he is almost 14 months old :)

Rebecca said...

Oh, my! You HAVE been busy. That broccoli looks wonderful!

And aren't these days beautiful for all sorts of garden-related tasks?!

odiie said...

Swiss Chard is a wonderful vegetable. I can it and it tastes just like spinach, but it takes a lot of chard because it cooks down so much.

Bean said...

Hi Odie,
Yes, it does take a lot doesn't it. I am always amazed that a huge armload is just enough for four or five people once cooked. Good stuff though.