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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Surgery Update

Well we did not get the news we wanted this morning. The tumor was larger than at first thought and all of the lymph nodes had to be removed, Marika is now looking at a 4 -6 month treatment plan starting with chemo therapy and finishing off with radiation.  The outcome is still good, but the treatment is going to be a long journey.  Marika is in very good spirits, she is staying overnight at the hospital, and she is ready to fight this disease and we are all here to support here.

Dave's sister Angie went back to the specialist today and was glad to find out that her lymph nodes are cancer free and she is now scheduled for surgery on the 18th, she will then go through chemo and radiation.

This is a difficult time for all of us as we watch our loved ones cope with their diagnosis and know that they have a lot to go through to get better.  But we are all focused on the light at the end of tunnel, they will get through this, Marika and Angie are both strong women, and both have strong faith. I know that God is bigger than all of this and He will be them through it all.

Thank you again for your ongoing prayers.



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I will keep praying!

kat said...

sending good thoughts across the ocean