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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sunshiny Sewing Room

My sewing room, formerly a bedroom shared by my daughters Amber and Emily, is a place I love to spend time. The room is in the front of house so faces east and catches the best of the morning light, it is my Sunshiny Sewing Room. My sewing machine is on an old kitchen table, the one used by my husbands family when he was a child, believe it or not this little table sat a family of eight to dinner each evening!!!.  To the left of the sewing table is a six foot long folding table, awesome for spreading fabric out for pinning patterns and cutting, and to my right the ironing board.  I have a plastic floor mat with an old swivel office chair and I spend my happy hours spinning from left to center to right as cut, sew, press, and continue on.  I usually have my laptop on the cutting table, and listen to BBC radio 4 on the internet, or I listen to a book on tape (CD).  I like to sit in the chair in the corner and do my daily bible reading, and my husband sits in the chair when he pops in to update me on whatever project he happens to be working on.  I really like the shelves on the wall, my husband made them many years ago for our daughters to display their treasures on, I now use them for storage of sewing books, knitting patterns, boxes of notions and threads, and all the bits and bobs of sewing.
I am currently making putting together a quilt for our soon to born grand daughter Alivia, my next project is a new shirt made with John Deere patterned cotton material for grandson Henry's birthday gift.  Currently draped over my chair is a quilt belonging to my neighbor, it is about a hundred years old and her father who was born in 1910 had it on his childhood bed, unfortunately some of the binding has come off due to it's deteriorated state cannot be reattached so I will be repairing the quilt with some closely matched material. What is your favorite space in your home?

Quilt for Alivia, it is 46"/46" and has a polka dot back that compliments the colors on the top.

The Command Pod. I still really like the cloud wallpaper we put up years ago for the girls, I added the Monet poster of The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil, I love the sunflowers. You can see the red and white quilt, draped over the chair, while it awaits repair,

The useful shelves

The command pod, I like the lantern light left over from daughter Amber's teenage years.

I made this quilt for son Ben a number of years ago, he wanted black and  white , it is in the same pattern  as Alivia's quilt.

The back of the quilt is called cow hide, a print  Ben loved at the time I made it. 


Hawthorne said...

What a lovely haven, Bean. I'm currently redecorating what was the main bedroom to make a room with shelves and old, charity shop furniture to house all my innumerable little projects, and reflect my various interests. There I shall place my hand-cranked sewing machine and re-learn how to use it. Just don't tell my two cats - they think it's their room! ;-)

Bean said...

I would love to have a hand cranked sewing machine, my very first was a black singer with a handle to turn at the end, it had shuttle bobbin and did straight stitching only. It was a birthday gift when I was around ten or so, I really liked the sewing machine, I think we sold it before moving to the US, it certainly didn't come over with us. I know have my Janome Magnolia, it is the nicest machine I have ever owned.
Cats, they are a hoot aren't they?


Hawthorne said...

I love my cats to bits. We've only had them 9 months and their food and litter trays are in the room I'm decorating, so they definitely think it's theirs!

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

That was fun to peek into your sewing room! It looks like a very warm and nice place to spend time.

I love the way the same pattern can look so different with a change of colors.

Bean said...

Hi Living on Less Money,
thank you for stopping by.


Pen Wilcock said...

Such a lovely room - and those beautiful quilts!!! x

Rebecca said...

I'm sorry - I can't help but being just a tad jealous! What a wonderful room you have there!