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Friday, June 22, 2012

Early Mornings Make For Productive Days!

Dave is currently working on a job that is about an hours drive away so we have been getting up at four-thirty in the morning so he can leave by five-fifteen.  Each morning as I blearily look at the time, yes it is only four-thirty I force myself out of bed with the comforting thought that I can return once I see Dave off to work. But by the time I have started the coffee on the stove, made sandwiches for Dave's lunch, put away last nights supper dishes, I am wide awake and feel no need to go back to bed.  I am getting so much done in the morning, it is wonderful.
Here it is not even nine in the morning, I saw Dave off and have since done done four loads of laundry, three are hanging out and fourth will go out shortly, five loaves of bread are rising and will be ready for baking in about forty minutes, the house is tidy, the chickens and calves are fed, peas picked last evening are shelled, blanched and in the freezer, strawberries picked a few weeks and frozen are now thawing on the kitchen counter in readiness for jam making a little later. I have had my prayer time, done my bible reading, and plan to get some sewing done today.  Dave will be working out of town for the next six weeks or so, and although we don't like getting up so early, once up it is not so bad.
I have several sewing products to work on.  I had blogged recently about a huge gift of fabric and other bits and pieces of sewing notions, in the fabric was a pretty mauve floral calico and I am using some of it to make a dress and bloomers for our grand daughter, Alivia, who is due to arrive in late October. The fabric goes well with a lilac colored cardigan and bonnet I recently finished knitting for Alivia.  The dress is cut out and I hope to get it finished today.  I have made my husband many, many, many, shirts over the years, and I have another one to make for him, it will be a little wild!  We recently made some corn hole sets, a game that is easy and fun to play, I made the toss bags out of flame print fabric, one set was black background with orange flames, the other black background with blue flames, jokingly we said that Dave needed a matching shirt for corn hole, so now he will have one.  The shirt will be in the blue flame fabric, the underside of the collar and the pocket will be in the orange flame fabric - it will be a very loud shirt.  I have joked with all the guys that they should enter a few corn hole team competitions and that I will make them  flame shirts to wear, they haven't taken me up on the offer yet!!  I recently purchased some blue pinstriped poplin to make myself a jumper, I would like to get it cut out today and hopefully finished over the weekend. Poplin is such a comfortable fabric to wear in the summer time as it is light weight.  I have a baby quilt to make for Alivia, I recently went shopping with my daughter-in-love Traci to choose fabric, I haven't yet decided on a block pattern but plan to browse through my quilting books for inspiration.
Well have a blessed day,



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You are a busy girl! I am not good at early mornings and tend to grumble when I have to get up early!

Rome_is_Home said...

Your a good wife to make sure your hubby gets off to work with you by his side, I do the same for mine too but then I go back to bed cause I work 2nd shift don't get off work till 11pm 3 days a week and the other day its better at 7:30 I have a 4 day work week but it gives me 3 days at home where there is plenty to do as well. God bless! Thanks for sharing :)

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

For some reason I can get up no problem during the school year, but in summertime I don't want to--but you're right. Early morning is such a productive time!