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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emily Goes to the Prom

Emily was so excited about going to the prom, her date, Luke, arrived promptly at four and both were looking forward to a lovely evening. After the picture taking they left in grand style to head to Vince's for dinner and then to The Orchid reception hall for the prom. Around midnight Emily and Luke returned home to change out of their finery and left for after-prom activities being held at a local bowling alley until three am. A little after three Emily arrived home and tired Mom was able to retire to bed. Up at seven this morning, Luke arrive at eight, and the tired prom goers left to go on the after prom trip to Cedar Point amusement park, they will return around ten this evening.
It has been almost seven years since Amber went to the prom, she went twice, we think our son Matt holds some kind of record for most proms attended, he went to five! Ben didn't go to the prom.
Here are some pictures of Emily and Luke.

Pinning the Boutonniere

The Corsage

All dressed up and somewhere to go!

Riding in Grand Style

Looking Good!

Emily and Katie's crazy sandals

Emily with best friend Katie

Proud Dad and Mom



Marika said...

Hope you had a great time Emily! You look beautiful!

Love - Marika

LondonEye said...

Fantastic - I love that dress - you looked fabulous - sounds like a great couple of days.
love m&n

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh, that is lovely! What a wonderful, special occasion! I loved reading that, and I loved the photos :0D

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

Fun times. It seems like a hundred years ago! :-)I like the 'toe' picture!

Anonymous said...

Oh she looked lovely... :-D

Bean said...

Hi Ember, Living on Less Money, and Lavender, Thank you for stopping by.