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Monday, February 1, 2010

Local newspaper does not report pro life march!

It amazes me that our local newpaper did not report upon the annual march for life rally in Fort Wayne. I guess people who are Christian and believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, are a really scary bunch and must not be reported upon by the local paper.
It makes me wonder just how many things are not reported to us because the newspaper doesn't agree with the objectives of specific groups. It is a form of censorship, and it is wrong!


Pete said...

And where are the headlines that blared under Bush's presidency every time a US serviceman died in Afghanistan? Did you see the reports of Climategate fraud visited upon the world by the grant-crazed academics - No!
Just slipped through the cracks I suppose.


Bean said...

Exactly. And other than ultra conservative new sources why isn't anyone else reporting the outrageous extravagance that the tax payers are funding to jet Princess Pelosi around the world! She, Princess P, who is supposedly for the "working person", lives like Marie Antoinette!

Rome_is_Home said...

I agree!
They should cover the pro life march! Its sad whats going on today with the media!
God bless!