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Friday, April 24, 2009

Do You Like To Knit???

If you like to knit, you might be interested in this project: HAP - Handmade Afghan Project - collects donations of knitted 6x9 inch rectangles, they provide directions on the site. Rectangles should be knitted out of redheart acycrilic yarn, the cheapy stuff at Walmart, and once you have a stash you mail them off to HAP, they have put together parties and all of the donated rectangles are put together into afghans, then given to wounded soldiers recuperating in military hospitals. Check out the pictures on the HAP website of the beautiful, cheerful, afghans!!!
If you are interested in knitting, or crocheting, rectangles just email the HAP lady, her email address is on the home page of the website. One note, I found that I had to use size 7 needles to get the right size rectangle, not size 8 as noted on the site, I must be a "loose" knitter ;)

This is such a portable project, the rectangles take less than 2 hours to knit, it is a simple pattern, and easy to take with you to work on as you have a spare ten minutes here or there.

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